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Natural Dye Kit | All Fibres


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Get started dyeing a beautiful palette of earthy tones with this natural dye kit. Perfect for the complete beginner or experienced dyer, this kit contains everything you need to start dyeing natural fibres.

Natural fibres are broken into two categories: animal fibre & plant or cellulose fibre. Animal fibre, as the name suggests, is a fibre that comes from an animal or living creature such as silk, alpaca, wool, mohair, cashmere etc. Plant fibre is a fibre that grows in the earth and comes from a plant such as linen, hemp, cotton etc. 

Animal fibres are naturally dyed using a different process to plant fibres and many kits are sold individually to dye just one of the fibre types. This natural dye kit contains all the ingredients needed to dye both animal & plant fibre so you don't need to pick or commit to one type! 

With this natural dye kit, you can dye a range of natural fibres, fabrics or garments. You can naturally dye any fibre like linen, cotton, silk, wool, hemp, or cashmere, using the dyes in this kit & following the simple & clear instructions provided. 

Included in this natural dye kit are five different powdered dyed, a list of what you will need, clear instructions, a cleaning agent & two different kinds of mordants for both animal & plant fibres. (A mordant is a fixing agent that you add to the process to help the colours bind to your cloth or fibre so they don't disappear in the wash or fade drastically in the sun. Plant fibres require a different mordant to animal fibres). With this kit, you will be able to dye lengths of fabric, skeins of wool, garments or anything you want. 

I have included 5 of my favourite plant dyes to give you shades of pink, peach, ochre, orange, yellow, rust, clay, warm tan & so much more. All the colours in this kit are earthy, warm and beautiful. You can also modify the colours with simple household ingredients like lemon juice or baking powder to expand the colours you get from this kit. 

The kits come with clear instructions, that guide you through the entire process in 5 simple steps. 

The plant dyes included are: 

  • Cutch: can produce rich shades of terracotta, clay, rust, mauve or pink. 
  • Madder: a traditional red dye, normally used for pinks, reds or orange, this one produces warm clay & peach shades due to the mineral content in my location.
  • Pomegranate: beautiful yellows, mustards, greys or green when modified with iron. 
  • Areca nut: produces shades of pink, peach, terracotta & salmon.
  • Marigold: bright & vibrant shades of yellow, orange, mustard & ochre.

This natural dye kit contains: 

  • 24g alum
  • 24g gallnut
  • 24g soda ash
  • 15g madder
  • 15g cutch
  • 15g pomegranate
  • 15g marigold
  • 15g areca nut
  • Step-by-step instructions

How much can I dye with this kit?

Before you dye your fibre or fabric, you have to mordant it, as a rough guide you can mordant a little under 1kg or 2 lbs of combined plant & animal fibre (600g of plant fibre & 300g of animal fibre). That is roughly 2 1/4 meters of plant-based fabric or 4-6 cotton adult t-shirts + plus 300g of animal fibre. 

With the dyes, it depends on how much dye you use, the less you use, the paler your colours and the more items you can dye. The more you use, the darker your colours. This dye in this kit has a total weight of 80g (2.82oz). You can dye roughly 1.36kg or 3 pounds of fibre or more depending on how much you use. 

In more simple terms, with each dye, you could dye roughly 2-5 t-shirts. Using all the dyes in the kit, you could dye roughly 18-26 t-shirts a light shade of colour or 10-15 t-shirts a darker shade of colour. 

This kit does not contain fabric or the swatches pictured in the photos, they are there as a guide to some of the colours you can achieve using the dyes in this kit. 

The amount of fibre you can dye is a rough estimate.

You can also use the dyes in this kit to make water colour paints. I don't have instructions on how to do included in the kit but the process is very simple. You can make these dyes into paints by mixing the dye with water to achieve the consistency you like, then add a few drops of a binder like gum arabic, egg white or anything similar. 

"Your wonderful box of hand dye kits arrived today and as usual it’s like opening a Christmas box of goodies! - a delight to open and so well thought out in terms of instruction, tools and fabrics. Thanks so much for your commitment to high-quality projects". Janet (Dublin)