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Plant Dyed Irish Linen Scarf

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This beautiful linen scarf has been woven in Northern Ireland from the finest quality linen & hand-dyed using colour extracted from plants. With two layers of linen, seamed together at one edge & pre-washed for additional softness and texture, this double layer adds weight, warmth & beauty to this heirloom piece. 

This scarf has been prepared for dyeing through a process known as scouring which removes any oils or waxes from the fibre. The fibre is then soaked in a natural mordant solution which helps the dye bind to the fibre while increasing colour & light fastness. 

Our linen scarves are the perfect piece to add warmth, texture & unique style to any winter wardrobe.  

After the fabric has been scoured and mordanted, I prepare the dye baths from pure plant extracts and dye each scarf individually.  Using a combination of rainwater and plant-based ingredients I dye all our textiles without the use of any harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients, making our textiles truly eco-friendly. These scarves have been dyed over many days to achieve the colours you see. The process of hand dyeing is labour-intensive as our textiles have to be carefully prepared & dipped over many hours to achieve the shades you see. 
All our pieces are washed with an eco-friendly detergent before carefully labelling & packaging in recycled or FSC paper products. Making everything we offer as environmentally conscious and considerate as possible.

Due to the nature of plant dyes, this piece may come with small irregularities which add to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.  
    • 100% Irish Linen
    • Measures roughly: 30" x 100" | 75 cm x 254cm
    • Hand-dyed with pure plant extracts
    • 100% natural & eco-friendly. 
    • Woven in Northern Ireland, Dyed in Dublin
    • 100% Irish Made. 

To care for this piece:

  • Lay flat or line dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Hand wash cold with eco-friendly detergent

Worn with our naturally dyed pure wool beanie.

To learn more about caring for your naturally dyed goods please read our post on caring for your dyed goods