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Christmas Pop-Up: Dec 10th. 11am-2pm. Find the perfect gift!

How to Naturally Dye with Avocado Stones Ebook


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For anyone new to natural dyeing there is a few ingredients that are easy to start with, avocados are one of them. It's quite incredible that both the stones and skins yield the most beautiful range of pinks, from soft blush to deep pink. Avocados are easy to get your hands on, you can eat the fruit and save the stones for your dyeing. It is a wonderful thing to eat the fruit, dye with the seed and compost what's left, it feels deeply satisfying to connect with both our food and the magic of natural dyes in this way. 

If you have wanted to try natural dyeing and you are not sure where to begin this Ebook will show you how to get started with this beautiful dye. It covers all the basics of natural dyeing such as preparing your fabric or fibre, making your dye bath & dyeing both animal (wool, alpaca, silk etc.) & plant fibres (hemp, linen, cotton etc.) I take you through the process step by step and include lots of extra tips and tested methods to ensure great results each time. 

This Ebook covers:

  • How to prepare your fabric for consistent results.
  • Understanding the different types of fibre used in natural dyeing.
  • How to prepare both Animal (protein) fibres & Plant (cellulose) fibres.
  • How to collect and store your avocados
  • Making your dye bath
  • Dyeing both fibre types
  • Washing, aftercare and much more. 

This Ebook is for anyone:

  • New to natural dyeing & unsure where to start.
  • That has tried natural dyeing with inconsistent results.
  • Overwhelmed by conflicting information online about this process.
  • Wanting to start natural dyeing without purchasing any expensive dyes or equipment. 
  • Confused about mordanting & how to bind the dye to the fabric.
  • Wanting to naturally dye textiles for use in your work. 

Please see photos for examples of textiles I have dyed with avocado stones. 

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*Please note: as this is an automatic download we cannot offer refunds on this purchase. Please be sure of your purchase before completing the payment.