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Naturally Dyed Linen Tote Bag

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Patiently hand-dyed using pure 100% pure plant extracts & traditional dyeing techniques. Our textiles are prepared for dyeing by a process known as scouring & mordanting then hand-dyed over many days to achieve the natural colours you see. Using a combination of rainwater and plant-based dyed we dye our textiles without the use of any harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients, making our goods truly eco-friendly.

Once we achieve the desired depth of shade, we wash all our pieces in an eco-friendly detergent before carefully labelling & packaging in recycled paper products. Making all our products as environmentally conscious and considerate as possible.

  • 100% European linen
  • Machine wash cold
  • Wash with a gently eco-friendly detergent
  • Measures roughly 45 x 50cm
  • Handles 50cm
  • Hand-dyed in Dublin | 100% Pure Plant Dyed

To care for this piece:

    • Machine wash cold
    • Wash with a gently eco-friendly detergent
    • Hang to dry

To learn more about caring for your naturally dyed goods please read our post on caring for your dyed goods