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Natural Dye Kit With Un-Dyed Irish Linen

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This natural dye kit contains 1 meter of un-dyed Irish linen, along with the basic powders & instructions to help you get started with scouring & mordanting plant fibres such as linen, cotton, hemp etc. 

Plant fibres need to be prepared for dyeing using different ingredients and methods to animal fibres (wool, cashmere, silk, etc) & our instructional booklet will walk you through scouring mordanting & dyeing your fibre in the simplest way possible. 

This kit will scour and mordant up to 500g of plant fibre (roughly 2 meters of linen or similar plant-based fibre). 


  • 20g Soda Ash
  • 20g Tannin Powder
  • 1 Meter of Irish Linen
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Cotton Paper Japanese Notebook + pencil.
  • 12-page booklet with clear instructions on how to scour, mordant & dye your plant fibres.
  • Safety card
  • Organic cotton drawstring bag

If you would like to work with other fibres such as wool or silk, please see our other natural dye kits.