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Indigo Dyed Linen in Mid-Blue

Indigo Dyed Linen in Mid-Blue


This piece of lightweight linen has been hand-dyed naturally using dye extracted from "Indigofera tinctoria", a species of plant that was one of the original sources of natural blue dye.

Perfect for quilting, clothes making or numerous craft projects. This linen is lightweight, so would be perfect for clothes that require a lighter fabric weight. Measuring 8" over a meter, this would work well for many clothing patterns requiring 1 meter of fabric. 

Due to the nature of plant dyes, this piece comes with small irregularities that add to this textile's beauty and uniqueness.  

    • 100% European Linen
    • Traceable Oeko-Tex Linen
    • Size: 48" x 59" (122 x 150cm)
    • Hand-dyed in Dublin 
    • 100% Pure Plant Dyed

To care for this fabric:

    • Machine wash cold
    • Wash like colours together
    • Wash with a gently eco-friendly detergent
    • Hang to dry