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about us

Natural dye textile studio

We are a natural dye studio creating plant dyed, 100% pure fibre goods for everyday use. Our products are made in small batches and limited runs and are available 2-4 times throughout the year in our online shop.

We also offer our natural dye services to other likeminded brands wanting to create more environmentally conscious products by adding plant dyed textiles to their product range. Check out our dye services for a look at past collaborations.

When I am not dyeing products for myself or others, I love to share the magic of plant dyes with others through workshops, e-books, articles & classes. I teach natural dye workshops to private, group & corporate clients in Dublin and Europe. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on workshop facilitation)

Photo: Doreen Kilfeather

Our Values

We believe in threading gently on this earth & take a considered approach to all aspects of our business. We care about how our products are made, what they are made from & how far they have to travel to get to us. We see the value in taking your time to consider your purchases & believe that good quality items should stand the test of time.


We consider the fibres & fabrics, how they are grown, processed, woven, manufactured & transported. All our products are made from the highest quality, 100% natural fibres, from local or traceable sources. 


We strive for integrity & zero/minimal environmental impact throughout our products & process. All our colours are created from 100% pure plant dyes which eliminate the harmful waste,  toxins & chemicals created by modern synthetic dyeing. 


We believe in supporting small & local business & take pride in supporting many family run businesses here in Ireland, from our office & paper supplies to our alpaca fibre & sock knitters. 


Our choices are woven into everything we do & create, like the fibres & textiles we work with everything can return safely to the earth from which it came.  With our focus on environmentally conscious production we eliminate harmful waste created by synthetic dyes. In doing so we create products that are non-toxic, gentle on your skin & considerate of our Earth's valuable resources. 

Our Fibres

We start out with 100% pure un-dyed natural fibres for all our products. We currently work with linen, wool & alpaca. Our textiles are 100% biodegradable, we believe these to be the environmentally considered choice.


Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant, when left untreated (with chemical or synthetic dyes) it is fully biodegradable. Flax is a renewable resource that grows well in all soil types & does not require any chemical pesticides to flourish. It is a resilient plant that consumes significantly less water than cotton to grow & produce. In creating linen as a fabric the entire plant is used, leaving no waste. We source our linen from both Irish & European suppliers. Our European linen products are made with linen that has been OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that the linen in our products has been manufactured without the use of harmful substances or chemicals, making it safe for the environment and you.


Another 100% natural fibre that is renewable & biodegradable. Wool has excellent insulating properties, it is naturally antibacterial, breathable & odour resistant. Wool can be repaired and enjoyed for years to come. Similar to linen, the production of wool requires substantially less water. Not only is wool biodegradable, when disposed of it acts as a fertiliser by releases nutrients into the soil.


Our alpaca fibre comes from a small farm in Co. Wicklow, Ireland where the alpacas are raised with love & care. The fibre is incredibly soft to the touch and prefect for those who find wool "itchy". Compared to goats & sheep, alpacas require less water & food. Alpaca fibre doesn't contain lanolin (a naturally occurring waxy substance that coats the fibres of sheep hair) & can be spun into yarn without the use of intensive chemical and detergents. Alpaca fibre is antibacterial, breathable & naturally odour resistant. Alpaca waste can be used as a rich fertiliser to add valuable nutrients back into the soil. Alpaca garments can be repaired, increasing their life span and at the end of which the fibre is biodegradable.

Natural Dyeing

Prior to the discovery of synthetic dyes in the mid-19th century, natural dyes were the sole source of colour for the fabrics, fibres and textiles of our ancestors. Natural dyes, often referred to as plant or vegetable dyes are colours that are sourced from plants, animals or minerals. While we carry a selection of un-dyed natural fibre goods (un-dyed or bleached from plant or animal fibre) the colours you see in our textiles all come from plants. Using traditional dyeing methods, we naturally dye everything by hand in our studio.


I prepare the fibres for dyeing by removing any oils, waxes or residue that may be naturally present. This method of preparation is known as "scouring". It's the first step in our process and when done right ensures that our colours are even & consistent.


After the fibre is "scoured", it needs to be mordanted. This means the fibre has to soak in a mordanting solution that ensures the dye will withstand repeated washing and exposure to light. Mordants can be sourced from metallic salts or from natural plant sources.


Once the fibre has been scoured & mordanted, it is then time to prepare the dye baths using leaves, roots, nuts or barks. The ingredients are put into large pots of water and heated to extract the colour. The fibres are then placed in the dye for various lengths of time depending on the desired colour. 

Washing & Aftercare

Once we are satisfied with the colours, the fibres removed from the pots, laundered in in eco friendly detergent, checked for consistency & dried. All our pieces are then labeled & packaged with eco-friendly or biodegradable materials. If you would like to learn more about caring for your naturally dyed goods please see our blog post on caring for your dyed goods.

Dublin 6W


Our studio is located in Harold's Cross, on the outskirts of Dublin City. We are based in "Home Studios", an old college repurposed to house a collection of individual studios. From here I work in a beautiful light filled space where I dye my textiles, run the business, photograph my products, ship your orders & teach workshops.

Photo: Doreen Kilfeather



I am a self taught designer and natural dyer based in Dublin, Ireland. I grew up in Dublin and emigrated to California in my 20's. I spent quite a few years living and raising my three beautiful daughters in both ends of California. It was in the North Bay of San Francisco where I first learnt about the beauty of natural dyes. What began from a place of curiosity soon developed into an obsession. In 2014 I returned home to Dublin, where I committed to building a business based on sustainable production using natural dyes. In January of 2016 I sold my first naturally dyed textiles, since then I have been working hard to create & establish what you see.

Photo: Doreen Kilfeather

Events & Corporate Workshops

I create an immersive learning experience around the process of natural dyeing for private, group & corporate clients. Workshops are tailored to meet your requirements & the needs of your participants. For more information on how we work & our fees, please fee free to get in touch.

Some past clients...