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                                                          by TACA



Using only the purest of plant extracts & dyes, I hand-dye a selection of natural fibre goods. These are available in our online shop & select stores in Ireland, Europe, Japan & the U.S.A. When I'm not busy dyeing, I teach natural dye workshops to private, group & corporate clients. I also collaborate & dye goods for other likeminded brands wanting to create more sustainable products by adding naturally dyed textiles to their product range. 

                                         "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"                                                                                                                                       RUMI



I source un-dyed natural fibre goods made from wool, cotton or linen. I prepare the fibres for dyeing by removing any oils, waxes or residue that may be naturally present. This method of preparation is known as "scouring".


After the fibre is "scoured", it needs to be mordanted. This means the fibre has to soak in a mordanting solution that ensures the dye will withstand repeated washing and exposure to light. Mordants can be sourced from metallic salts or from natural plant sources.


Once the fibre has been scoured & mordanted, it is then time to prepare the dye baths using leaves, roots, nuts or barks. The ingredients are put into large pots of water and heated to extract the colour. The fibres are then placed in the dye for various lengths of time depending on the desired colour. 

Once we are satisfied with the colours, the fibres removed from the pots, laundered in in eco friendly detergent, checked for consistency & dried. All our pieces are then labeled & packaged with eco-friendly or biodegradable materials. With our focus on environmentally conscious production we eliminate harmful waste created by modern synthetic dyes. In doing so we create products that are non-toxic, gentle on your skin & considerate of our Earth's valuable resources. 


&  custom dye work

When I am not dyeing goods for my online shop, I like to work with other likeminded  brands on collaborations or custom dye work. As we become more aware of the destructive environmental impact of synthetic dyeing, businesses are looking to shift their dyeing towards more natural methods. I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful brands on a range of naturally dyed projects & limited edition runs of custom dye work. 

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Our workshop is located in Harold's Cross, on the outskirts of Dublin City. We are based in Home Studios, an old college, repurposed to house a collection of studios. From here I work in a beautiful light filled space, escaping from the  madness of the world.  I spend my days dyeing indoors & if its not too wild, you'll often find me outside in some stage of the dyeing process, with my hands in dye or hanging things to dry! 

Photo by Doreen Kilfeather



I am a self taught designer and natural dyer based in Dublin, Ireland. I spent quite a few years living and raising my three beautiful daughters in Northern California. It was in the North Bay of San Francisco where I first learnt about the beauty of natural dyes. What began from a place of intrigue developed into an addiction & has since become my livelihood. Upon returning from the west coast, I committed to building a business based on sustainable production. In January of 2016 I launched my business & sold my first naturally dyed textiles, since then I have been working hard to create & establish what you see. 


Prior to Covid I taught ongoing natural dye workshops in Dublin, London and further afield. I created an immersive learning experience around the process of natural dyeing for private, group & corporate clients. Due to the current pandemic I have cancelled all in-person workshops & I am now offering online sessions & classes. Please get in touch if you would like more information on private classes. I look forward to a time when it is safe to gather again & in the meantime I hope you stay healthy & sane x