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Our studio is located in Home Studios, an old college in Harold's Cross. From here we design & hand dye a range of natural fiber goods using only pure plant materials. We choose fibers such as linen, wool & cotton to create useful everyday products for self and home. We are committed to small batch, zero waste & conscious production.


Each of our products are hand dyed using plant extracts and natural dyes resulting in textiles that are natural, sustainable and non toxic to you and the environment. We prepare everything in house for dyeing by removing any residual oils or waxes left in the fibers. We then create dye baths using tested recipes & dye each piece by hand until we achieve the colours we want. The pieces are then laundered in eco friendly detergent, checked for consistency & dried. We use natural dyes such as Cutch ( one of our favourites ), Madder, Indigo and a selection of Tannins. We work with metal salt mordants such as Iron and Alumn to expand our colour palette, increase colour fastness and to achieve consistent results. With our focus on sustainable production we eliminate harmful waste created by modern synthetic dyes.


Kathryn is a self taught designer and natural dyer living in Dublin with her three daughters. She started working with textiles and natural dyes whilst living in Northern California. Her journey into the amazing world of sustainable plant dyes began with Indigo & Kathryn quickly became addicted. From there she was asked to teach Indigo workshops at Handcraft Studio School in the East Bay of San Francisco.

In 2014 Kathryn returned to Ireland, where her commitment to sustainable production led her to create a line of naturally dyed Irish Linen textiles for the home. Her plant dyed textiles can now be found in boutique shops from Ireland to Japan. 



Kathryn is passionate about natural dyes, textiles and the integrity of true craftsmanship. She loves gathering with other like minded people and sharing the joy & magic of plant dyes in her Natural Dye Workshops. Kathryn teaches ongoing workshops in Dublin, London & beyond.

Clients include TOAST, The WaR Agency, Mèlisses Andros, Google, Facebook & The Abbey Theater both in house and off site.