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Wool Socks in Granite
wool socks for men
best warm socks for winter
wool socks for men and women
warm socks for women
women's winter socks.

Wool Socks in Granite


One of our most popular products, these socks have been woven in Ireland. Made from 100% wool, they keep your feet warm throughout the day. Ideal for lounging around the house, perfect for warming up after a dip in the sea or just going about your business, these socks are perfect for the cold winter months. (truth be told I wear them throughout the year here in Ireland). 

Wool socks are naturally insulating & will keep your feet warm in colder weather. Wool can absorb a high amount of moisture before feeling "wet" & maintains its insulating properties even when damp. The fibres are naturally antibacterial, breathable & odour resistant making these the perfect socks for colder seasons. There is a very small amount of elastin in the cuff of the socks to help them stay up. Available in U.K  medium size, 4-7,  & U.K large size, 8-11, please be sure to check your size before ordering.

  • Made in Ireland
  • Hand wash with care


MEDIUM       U.K SIZE 4-7       EUR SIZE 37-41        U.S SIZE  5.5-8.5

LARGE         U.K SIZE 8-11     EUR SIZE 42-46        U.S SIZE  9 -11