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I believe in consuming less & making considered decisions when it comes to what you wear or buy for your home. Every item I sell has been dyed by hand using 100% traceable plant extracts. The process of natural dyeing is slow & labour-intensive, it takes many days to dye a product after it has been made. Our goods are made from 100% natural fibres created by individuals, small businesses & people who care about their communities & our planet. 

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    Foraging Scissors

    Original Price €16.00
    Current Price €10.00

    This one is for natural dye enthusiasts, florists, gardeners or anyone with a scissor obsession like myself. I use these for everything & anyth...

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  • Save 22%

    Linen Utensil Holder

    Original Price €18.00
    Current Price €14.00

    These beautiful linen holders are perfect for cutlery, brushes, pens or tools. Woven from 100% European linen available in natural, unbleached flax...

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  • Save 46%

    Linen Tote

    Original Price €114.00
    Current Price €62.00

    Woven from European linen & hand-dyed in Dublin, our totes have been patiently hand-dyed using traditional natural dyeing techniques. These bea...

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    Woollen Blanket

    Original Price €150.00
    Current Price €89.00

    This beautiful wool blanket has been woven for us by Molloy & Sons, on the Atlantic northwest coast of Ardara, Co. Donegal. "Built on the soli...

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    Naturally Dyed Wool Scarf

    Original Price €96.00
    Current Price €46.00

    These beautiful wool scarves have been woven in Ireland from the finest quality merino lambswool and naturally dyed by hand using colour extracted...

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  • Sold out

    Merino Wool Hat in Camel

    Original Price €84.00
    Current Price €34.00

    Knitted in Germany from the finest pure wool using traditional patterns and knitting techniques. This hat is made from 100% pure wool & hand-dy...

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