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winter socks for women in shades of pink

Winter Socks: 5 Reasons Why Wool Socks Will Keep You Warm

 Warm socks are essential for anyone living in colder climates & a must if you find yourself working in chilly spaces or spending a lot of time outside. Speaking from first-hand experience wool socks make all the difference in keeping your feet warm and toasty during the colder months of the year. 

winter socks for women


In an attempt to keep my extremities warm I have tried a variety of socks. I have come to the solid conclusion that pure wool socks, along with a good pair of boots, are the answer to most peoples cold feet problems. Wool socks, good quality thermals, wool jumpers and a natural fibre hat are essential wardrobe staples that make the difference in staying comfortable throughout the day. 

Here are a few reasons why wool is great at keeping you warm: 

    1. Wool is a natural, renewable fibre, composed of a protein similar to that found in human hair. The fibre keeps the animals warm during the winter months, during the spring the wool is sheared to prevent the sheep from overheating. 
    2. Wool helps regulate body temperature. Wool socks are naturally insulating, allowing your feet to breathe, keeping your toes warm in colder weather. 
    3. Wool helps to keep you dry. Wool can absorb a high amount of moisture before feeling wet & because of this, it can maintain its insulating properties even when damp (perfect for sweaty feet).
    4. Wool fibres are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial & odour resistant. Due to these natural properties, you don't have to wash your socks every time you wear them. The frequency of washing is naturally up to you!
    5. Wool is biodegradable. When disposed of, wool decomposes, adding valuable nutrients back into the earth. In contrast, synthetic fibres are manufactured from petroleum-based chemicals which pollute our waterways & are extremely slow to break down.  
warm winter socks


I have been testing out our wool socks since I started offering them a few years ago. They have taken a permanent place in our families sock drawers. Over the last few years I have come to see some potential issue that may arise from owning wool socks: 

  1. Even though you can get quite a few wears between washes, wool socks must be hand-washed or washed on a delicate wool cycle. ( we realise hand washing is not for everyone). 
  2. If you have pets, your cat or dog could be attracted to the wool smell & potentially chew up the socks (keep your socks away from your pets!). Two customers sent me photos of their socks which had been attacked by their pets (they looked like they had been savaged by a pack of feral beasts).   
  3. If you're hard on your shoes or socks, you will probably be hard on your wool socks. Our socks are woven from 100% wool & because of this, they may be susceptible to wear and tear in areas of friction such as heels or toes. Most hardwearing socks are made from a mix of synthetic fibres to reinforce these common areas of wear. As we are committed to natural fibres in our production & all our products, synthetics fibres are not an option for our brand. If you are hard on your socks, we recommend traditional darning to mend any areas of wear & tear. 

If you have any questions about our wool socks, please let me know. To see our full collection of un-dyed & naturally dyed wool socks click here

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