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Natural dye book

Natural Dyeing: Learn how to create colour & dye textiles naturally

Natural Dye Book

During the first summer of the pandemic, I had the privilege of writing a book on natural dyeing. Writing a book is an intense experience, maybe for more seasoned writers it's a doddle but for me it was intense. What added to the intensity was the fact that I "magically disappeared" weeks of work that went into my first draft the night before I sent it to my editor! Yes I am that person, but I have since learnt from my mistakes.

The book was supposed to be published and on the shelves last Spring but due to covid related roadblocks, challenges & hurdles, the release date was delayed until now. 

This book, Natural Dyeing: Learn how to create colour & dye textiles naturally, will be available in the U.S.A on February 1st & in the U.K on February 17th in the U.K. It is currently printed and available in France. 

The book contains detailed yet straightforward information on the process of natural dyeing. I talk about the different fibre types linen, cotton, hemp, wool, etc. & how to prepare them for dyeing, how to mordant your fibres, create dye baths and so much more. Each step in the process is laid out clearly with recipes for effective results. You can also find a project based section, with 8 practical projects, including how to dye previously loved garments, how to make simple naturally dyed cushions, or how to dye wool & mend your favourite wool pieces. Each project is photographed with step by step illustrations to make it as simple as possible for you to follow along. 

Now that I have the experience of writing a book, I have a whole new level of appreciation of how they come together and this book would not have been possible without the work of some lovely women. Thank you to Catie Ziller at Hachette, Kate Burkett at Hardie Grant, Alice Chadwick, Kathy Steer, Doreen Kilfeather & my lovely daughter Kaijsa. Also a huge thanks to those of you that preordered, I am so grateful. 

The book can be pre-ordered online through the larger book outlets and if anyone knows of any independent bookstore carrying this, please let me know so I can link to them here. 

The book is also available to preorder from my shop through this link & I will be shipping signed copies from the 14th Feb.


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