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Natural Dye Resources - Dyers, Books, Workshops & Supplies

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Natural Dye Resources - Dyers, Books, Workshops & Supplies

I had hoped to have my natural dyeing e-course and ebook up online at this point but putting all this content together is proving to be an extensive project that can't be rushed. Knowing that it will be a while before it's completed I have put together a list of Natural Dye resources for anyone interested in pursuing this beautiful craft. This list is by no means extensive so if anyone has anything to add please let me know and I will update as necessary.

There are so many incredible Natural Dyers out there, too many to mention, if you are a beginner and looking to get started understanding the basics of the process I would recommend the following:

Jenny Dean, I purchased her book "Wild Colour" when I first began, I used it religiously & still use it to this day. It is a wonderful reference for both colour & plants. I have found it incredibly helpful, if you were to purchase only one book, I would recommend this. If you're not ready to purchase any books yet, take a look at Jenny's website, it has lots of valuable information based on extensive experimentation along with all her publications. 

Book: Wild Colour by Jenny Dean 

Another Natural Dyer who I greatly admire is Kristine Vejar, Kristine is based in the East Bay of San Francisco. I used to love visiting her shop when I lived in the North Bay. She has a wonderful book called "The Modern Natural Dyer" filled with essential valuable information on dyeing with pages of beautiful imagery & projects, this book is a treat!

Book: The Modern Natural Dyer by Kristine Vejar

On a personal level, my lovely friend Erika Molnar, is in her own words a "natural dye nerd". Her level of knowledge is impressive. Her extensive testing, exploration & experimentation is a joy to follow.

Erikas Instagram:

When I was first starting out as a natural dyer and felt like I needed to progress, I took a 5-day workshop with Kathy Hattori from Botanical Colours. Kathy is an incredible teacher, her knowledge is extensive and she is a lovely person to learn from. Her website is full of resources & helpful information on all aspects of natural dyeing. She offers workshops, events & sells a wonderful range of dye supplies.

Dye Supply Shop:

For anyone interested in learning about Indigo:

Aboubakar Fofana is an incredible artist & designer, his work is expansive & he teaches ongoing workshops.

Based in L.A, Graham Keegan has a host of wonderful online resources to get you started. 

Other natural dyers whose work I admire: Sasha DuerrLiz Spencer & Cara Marie Piazza

Sasha Duerr has two books, one of which is on my book list.

Back on the homefront, my lovely friend Nicola Brown, based in Carlow, makes incredible natural dye textiles and fine art. She runs workshops regularly & is an all-round brilliant woman. 

I have yet to meet this lovely lady but her naturally dyed yarns are stunning. Emma Robinson runs Woolly Mammoth Fibers & is a great resource if you are looking for naturally dyed yarn or knitting resources. 


CANADA: Maiwa Natural Dyes

USA: Botanical Colours + Dharma Trading + A Verb For Keeping Warm

FRANCE: Couleur Garance 

U.K: Wild Colours + George Weil

If anyone knows of any other natural dye supply stores in Europe please send me an email so I can add to this list x