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June Workshop

June Workshop



One of my favourite parts of teaching my Indigo + Shibori workshops is getting to meet so many lovely people. I'm not sure what it is about textiles and dyeing but the women that come to my workshops are some of the most loveliest, pleasant women to spend the day with.  One of these ladies that I had the pleasure of meeting & forging a new friendship with was the gorgeous and talented Jette Virdi ( check out her website here ). Jette is a food stylist and all round creative powerhouse not to mention one of the kindest & most beautiful souls I have had the good fortune of meeting. She came to my April workshop (with her equally lovely mum) and took all these beautiful photos ! She also wrote this article in Sister Mag about her experience as a participant, which was just lovely for me to hear about the workshop from the participants perspective !

Words cannot express the feeling of satisfaction that I get from sharing Indigo with others and seeing how much they enjoy it! When I first started teaching I was nervous about speaking in a group and very aware of my lack of knowledge. As I have continued to learn and had more "hands on" experience with the workshops I've become more comfortable with the process. When I get to connect with lovely women in this creative environment it nourishes some part of me & I enjoy it so much.  It reminds me of how important it is that as women we support each others creative exploration, that we encourage and foster these possibilities for one another. Theres a natural beauty & peace that comes when you stick a handful of ladies around a vat of indigo, I like to call it magic! 

f you are interested in attending one of my workshops, the next one is coming up on June 25th from 11-4pm. Click here to see more detailed information on the workshop. If you would like to reserve a space get in touch through email at info@kathryndavey or by phone on 085 8264427. 


 All photos from Jette Virdi, see her website here or check out her beautiful feed on Instagram 

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