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Dublin Workshop

Dublin Workshop


This day two weeks ago I taught an Indigo Shibori Workshop in Dublin. It was my first time teaching in Dublin & my first workshop since leaving the bay area . I have to say there was something special about this one. It was a small enough group of lovely ladies. We went over the basics in starting your vat & experimented with lots of different Shibori techniques. The participants were all very creative & talented and made some lovely pieces. We worked with many different types of natural fabrics and saw the different results that each fiber yields. I brought along some Irish Linen ( I can't get enough of Indigo + Linen ) and dipped till we could dip no more! My good friend Joanne came by and took these lovely photos ( Huge thank you !) To top it all off everyone stayed and helped clean up & load up the car ! I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of women to share my Friday & the magic of Indigo with. Thank you so much ladies.  xoxo


   The workshop was held in the grounds of a early 19th Century Church in Dundrum. It was a lovely backdrop for our blue cloths & we were lucky enough that the weather co-operated ! The rain held off for us and the wind blew just enough to dry everyones samples !


 Photos by Joanne Dunne (


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