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April's Indigo Workshop

April's Indigo Workshop

 Last Saturday's workshop was a huge success ( if I do say so myself)! I was fortunate to have had the loveliest group of talented ladies participate in my Indigo + Shibori workshop. It was an absolute pleasure spending the day with them & sharing the joy + magic of Indigo. We started by preparing 2 Indigo Vats, I spoke about how to prep your fabric for Dyeing and the process involved in Indigo dyeing. We then quickly hopped into the basics of Shibori. I demonstrated various different techniques giving the ladies a chance to explore each one and dip in the vat. I was so impressed with their creativity and the results they achieved, as you can see from the photos  they made some gorgeous pieces. 
 This was my first time teaching out of the chocolate factory since moving into the space in September. All my other workshops have been taught with a outdoor space and this was unique as it was facilitated completely indoors. I was a tiny bit aprehensive as to how this would work but thanks to the ladies it went wonderfully. Now that I know it can be done inside I plan on hosting more of these workshops over the coming months. If you would like to be notified about upcoming workshops drop me an email | | I have a specific mailing list just for Indigo news and workshop updates, so don't worry I won't be bombarding you with unrelated nonsense!

If you fancy trying this at home feel free to check out my Indigo Dye kits, they contain everything you need to create your own Indigo vat in the comfort of your own space. Thanks for stopping by xx Kathryn 

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