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Bay Area Indigo Workshop

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Recently I was fortunate to teach a "Introduction to Indigo" workshop at the Handcrafted Studio School in Emeryville, CA. If your a Bay area resident you might want to check this studio out. They offer a wonderful array of creative classes/workshops. This new space is a wonderful & refreshing addition to the San Francisco craft community, bringing local artists & the community together in one beautiful, inspiring space. They have a ongoing selection of fantastic classes & workshops led by local designers + artists.

For our workshop we had participants from all over the bay area and as far down as Laguna Beach! We covered how to Prep your fabric, make & tend to your own Indigo Vat & create beautiful patterns. It was a wonderful afternoon of creative fun & exploration and I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of ladies, thank you for making my day!  

For more information & a schedule of upcoming classes at the Handcrafted Studio School click here