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Weekend Adventures

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Weekend Adventures


Heres a few pictures from our walk in the Dublin Mountains over the weekend. Im always a little reluctant to share non work related posts on this Blog and have found the lines of personal & business matters a little blurry of late. I tend to err on the side of overly cautious but I'm going to throw caution to the wind & share this post with you. Since we moved from California our weekends are taking a new life of their own with Sunday being a day that we walk together up in the hills. There are so many hikes, walks and unknown paths to wander in the Dublin Mts. We have been making an effort to explore new places so each weekend we will drive to a new spot,  stop the car & ramble. I'v been blown away by the beauty of these hills, so close to the city yet a sanctuary of its own. The interesting part for me is that before I used to drag my kids on hikes with me where they would spend a good percentage of the time complaining & wondering how much longer we had to go. Im not sure when things changed or how long this will last but maybe all those tortuous hikes may have payed off because I haven't heard any hike related complaints lately. In fact my heart has been warmed to witness their appreciation of the beauty that surrounds them ! I keep wanting to stay on the path and "get a good walk in" but the girls just run off the path & into the Forrest.  No matter how many times I redirect them back to the path we always end up in the Forrest & I am so glad we do!  It seems as though I'm not the only one that has returned home!