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 Well it's been a few weeks since I posted anything here and mostly thats because I'v been so busy with work and family life that there hasn't been much time left for anything else! In September I moved from beautiful Northern California back to Ireland, my home. In the space of 10 days , I put my girls on a direct flight home & with the help of some dear friends, I managed to pack up our household contents and load it all into a 20ft container. I said my goodbyes to a handful of really great solid friends ( that was the hardest/saddest part of moving!) and after 12 years of being gone I jumped on plane & came home. Six weeks later after hearing and reading quite a few shipping container horror stories ours arrived safely in Dublin port and the material contents of my families life are now safely stored away ( Huge Thanks to Sinead, Michael & Aido ) until we find a new abode to call home.  There's been so much change and transition for myself and my daughters & although there are things I miss ( daily does of blue sky & sunshine! ) overall its been great to be around family & old friends again. Change can be hard, scary & uncomfortable but from my experience it always leads to new opportunities for growth.  A fresh start & a new chapter has begun. I found a lovely little studio in the heart of Dublin & I'v been working hard on some fresh designs & products.  Thanks to my new life here & the support of family I have been able to focus more on the business & I am quietly hopeful for where I can take it over the next few months/years! Please keep your fingers & toes crossed for me…