It's only Tuesday & we have had a very productive week so far, which by all accounts is a miracle! I'm not sure whats going on but with everything thats been accomplished since yesterday I won't ask any questions! I read a funny quote on Facebook the other day that said "every blog, article & book about time management should end with the sentence "of course none of this will work if youv got a kid"  or in my case kids! That been said, we finally got our custom DIY Indigo Dye Kits ready & available to purchase in the shop, we came together with Hbb Industria Argentina just in time for Easter & we have our first video to highlight the collaboration. I'm teaching my favorite "intro to Indigo" workshop this Sunday 13th from 2-5 at The Handcraft Studio School, in Emeryville. I'll be posting instructions on how to Indigo Dye at home but in the mean time here is a short video (our very first one! ) on our latest collaboration with Hbb Industria Argentina , introducing Rosie Rabbit, 100% Linen , hand-crafted & made with love. Hbb Hand-knit the vests & hat's especially for us from Alpaca. Click here if you would like to see Rosie in our Store xo 

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