Spring Dolls

I have busy working away in the studio putting together some lovely ladies for Spring. I came upon some beautiful Handwoven Khadi fabric from India. It has been such a pleasure to work with & so inspiring, if it wasn't so pricey I would have bought it all and made some adult sized clothes for myself! It feels so soft and beautiful in my hands. I found out that when Gandhi was promoting Independence from Britain, he encouraged the people of India to discard their cloth from England and to learn to spin and weave cotton cloth for themselves. He urged them to wear only cloth that was hand-spun in India & set the example by spinning & wearing the cloth himself. This homespun cotton is known as Khadi . If your into fabrics and handwoven textiles then chances are you will love this type of fabric, its just beautiful in every way possible.   
The lady above on the right is wearing a hand-stitched handwoven cotton dress with a Indigo lace shawl and the one on the left is wearing chambray cotton trousers with a tunic style dress and hand-stitched vest. 
I also Indigo dyed some beautiful vintage lace and made it into a shawl & I love how the blues go so well together. I have been hand-stitching the dolls clothes, its a little more time consuming but I much prefer the end result, there is a flow, relaxed feel and fit to the clothes that makes the time spent so worthwhile & satisfying. I think they look pretty together in there coordinating outfits.....I hope you enjoy!

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