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Indigo Workshop | South of France

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                                                     photo credit twinky lizzy
                                                    photo credit twinky lizzy
This week started off with some amazing news. This Summer I have been invited to teach two workshops in the fortified town of Pernes les Fontaine, Southeast France. The workshops will be held in August at La Maison Pernoise, as part of their ongoing Masterclass offerings, dates are yet to be confirmed. I could not be happier to have a work/travel related workshop on the calendar and a Summer adventure to look forward to, not to mentioned a few days of guaranteed sunshine, warm breezes and the opportunity to top up my deficient vitamin D levels. For those of you not familiar with Irish weather there is a strong possibility that it could be grey, cold and or hail stoning in August in Dublin ! I jest you not....(ok maybe just a little)
As I have not yet been to this part of France I borrowed these lovely photos from the Twinkly Lizzy Blog. Elisabeth over at twinky lizzy was very kind and let me use her photos! If you are interested in participating in this workshop drop an email to . In the meantime, I will be offering my next Indigo workshop on Saturday 7th May from 11-4pm at the Chocolate Factory, Dublin. I will be promoting this over the next couple of weeks but if you would like me to reserve a space for you email me at x